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I have an opinion…I can judge!​


This is some cool information about a topic I’m really interested in. 


Oh-la-la! I created something new or improved something!​


I did an experiment and collected data to support (guessed right) or deny (guessed wrong) my hypothesis

(my educated guess). 

Fernley STEM Festival

The Fernley STEM Festival is normally held annually at Fernley High School and is open to all pre-K-12 students and adults in Northern Nevada including traditional public schools, homeschools, and charter schools.  The 2021 Fernley STEM Festival will be virtual.  Contact us, or your own school Point of Contact, for more information. 

2021 Fernley STEM Festival

  Judging: Week of May 17, 2021

Public Event: Thursday, May 27, 2021 

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Aerial view of Fernley High School taken by High Desert Radio Controlled Club during the 2015 Fernley STEM Festival.

Copyright © Fernley STEM Council. All rights reserved.

​There are 3 categories to participate in.  Use the flowchart below to find where your project best fits.  Then, click on the corresponding box below for more information specifically for your project.

Pictures from past events:  

NEW THIS YEAR: The Festival is using a virtual format. Once registered, you will receive an email detailing your poster entry number and Slide Deck Poster Template to be completed and uploaded for Festival participation. As this year's festival is virtual there will be NO physical poster boards. 


Cottonwood Elementary School, Ms. Keller, 775-575-3414

East Valley Elementary School, Ms. Callahan, 775-575-3332

Fernley Elementary School, 

Fernley Intermediate School, Mr. Weller, 775-575-3390

Fernley High School, Ms. Ericksen, 775-575-3400

Silverland Middle School, Mrs. Speth, 775-575-1575

Adults/Homeschoolers, Tammy Roseberry, 775-762-8724

All other questions, Mr. Jessie Weller, 775-575-3390